Places of Interest

Fun stop in Kingman, AZ


We had a great stop at the Desert Diamond Distillery trying out some Gold Miner craft rums. We were greeted with a big Hello! and smile by Deb Patt, one of the owners as we entered the door. We were just in time for the tour which was given by John Patt the other owner. It’s great to see a husband and wife team following their passion. The tour was very informative about the distillation process and then we went to where the barrels were stored and oh my the smell was great. The barrels are white oak with French red oak fronts. I didn’t know that much about barrels but when you’re in the business this is a very important step. John talked about the angels share which I finally figured out was evaporation. Our next step, the tasting. This consisted of 4 rums and a vodka. I was surprised at the smoothness of each type. Needless to say we bought a bottle of their Agave Rum to make some cocktails down the road. If you are near Kingman, AZ this is a worth while stop not just for the rum but for the great conversations we had with the other travellers.



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