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Detour through Oatman AZ


On our way into Nevada from Lake Havasu, Arizona, we took a little detour on Route 66 through Oatman, a little miners town turned tourist attraction.

The road had a good number of sharp turns and switchbacks, but our 24 footer didn’t have a problem traversing the road.


Burros roam the streets freely in the town of Oatman, as do tourists from all over the globe. A sight to behold.


The picturesque buildings beg for a quick stop in town and guaranteed you’ll spend a couple of bucks here, if only to buy a convenient $2 little bag with treats to feed the burros.

The main street is a bit congested with cars trying to work their way through a cauldron of burros, bubbas and beatniks.

Nevertheless; Parking was easy to find for our class B across the street from tbe Post Office immediately on the right hand side when you enter town.

Parking is $2 and must be payed at the store adjacent to the parking lot, for which in turn you will recieve a $2 discount coupon to be used at the store.


Hearsay has it that a few times a day gunslingers roam the streets and gunfights ensue, all for the entertainment of the unsuspecting tourists absorbed in their cameras or keeping the burros away after feeding them the bag of treats.


On a sidenote: On our way from Kingman to Oatman we stopped at Cool Springs Cabins for another great photo opportunity at this landmark with its rich history which can be found in the museum / giftshop.


All in all this has been one of those worthwhile “detours” that certainly did not disappoint.


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