Places of Interest

Tallahassee Automobile Museum


Recently we visited the Tallahassee Automobile Museum in Tallahassee, Florida.

The name suggests that this is an automobile museum, but besides the truly amazing collection of cars (including Bat Mobile’s!) there are many collections of all kinds on display here.


Different strokes for different folks they say, but here everybody will find something of interest!


From firearms to cash registers, outboard engines to sports memorabilia, from knives to pianos and law enforcement badges to golfclubs, dinky toys to barbies, you will find time fly by while in a continuous state of amazement.


We enjoyed the three hours or so that we spent at the museum before we hit the road again and definitely found it worthwhile to visit the museum.


We can recommend this museum to anyone who is not in a hurry to get anywhere as the astounding collections will make you forget about time and will throw you off schedule.




Tallahassee Automobile Museum

6800 Mahan Dr

Talahassee FL 32308

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