Places of Interest

Marco Island Historical Museum

Marco Island Historical Museum is one of many museums in the Collier County Museum system. Of course we learned about them on Marco Island which is the next to last stop on the trek south.

The museum had several rooms depicting Marco Island through the thousands of years of modern existence. The volunteers at the museum were a wealth of knowledge about the era. The museum was free.

When you see the artifacts that are preserved here you can tell that the curator and staff take pride in their work. The masks are impressive and remind us of other cultures throughout the world.

The most interesting artifact by far is the Key Marco Island Cat. It was excavated in 1898 and comes from the time period 300AD to 1500AD before Europeans even came to the area. We think the “Marco Cat” has an Egyptian look to it but you make up your own mind.

This is a small museum but very nicely put together and even though in our eyes not worth a day trip, definitely worth a stop when in the area.



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