It’s hard to leave.

As we pack up and move on to the next destination it gives us time to reflect on all the experiences, sights and sounds that we have called home for 8 days. It’s hard to leave sometimes but if we don’t we’ll never experience the next adventure so off we go down the road.

Our next destination is Stewart’s Point which is about 50 miles away. Our first errand is to get to an RV’ers paradise and necessary evil, the dump station. After emptying our tanks and filling with fresh water we head out on to Hwy 167.

The scenery changes as we move farther north on Lake Mead. We have only had one cup of coffee so we decided to pull over. We saw an entrance for Redstone Dunes Trail and a picnic sign. Time for a little food to give us a little fuel.

After breakfast and a little hike we get back on the road and followed a beautiful curvy road. You could see the road go off in the distance the behind the next mountain ridge.

In no time we were passing Echo Bay, another park campground. We love to find places that are quiet and everyone has space to breath.

So here we are at Stewart’s Point. Down the dirt road and past the pit toilet is enough room enough for everyone. The view is spectacular. Put it in park, we’re home.


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