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West Texas World War II Museums.


For those interested in World War II history and are travelling through west Texas the Texas Aviation Heritage Foundation Inc. has six museums in the Miland – Lubbock – Abilene area that are worth considering a visit.

Admittedly we have driven by some of these museums many times and always promised ourselves to stop and go there “at some point”.

I guess we lived at a different speed back then and were either driving to or from a destination, with a lesser amount of spontaneous stops than we do nowadays… and then there is the fact that when driving through Texas for countless hours on end you just want to “get somewhere” and dont take the liberty to just stop for a few hours.

Things have changed a lot for us. On our way to Quartzsite, Arizona, coming from Florida where we spent the Christmas holidays, we recently visited the Midland Army Air Force Museum in Midland and the Hangar 25 Air Museum in Big Spring, Texas.

The Midland Army Airfield Museum (until recent times the Commemorative Air Force main headquarters) is located at the Midland International Air- and Space- Port.

From this location the yearly ” Airsho’ ” were held during the fall and attracted people from all over the USA and all across the world.

Since the C.A.F moved to Dallas many aircraft have been relocated but there are still some rare and one of a kind aircraft located here, as well as interesting displays.

(Below: Polikarpov I-16 : Spanish Civil War & WW2 Russian fighter. Midland.)


(Below: British Fairey Swordfish WW2 Torpedo Bomber. Midland.)


(Below: North Korean MiG. Midland.)


Just like at the Midland Army Airfield Museum and the other museums, Big Spring’s “Hangar 25” has a surprising collection of aircraft and artifacts on display for a museum its size.

As goes for all these museums; The airfields and hangars are of historical significance and part of Texas and US history. One should remember that many airfields were converted for other use after WWII, for example to industrial terrains, and their preservation is important for the ones that come after us.

(Below: Hangar 25 : Big Spring, TX )


(Below: Beech WW2 era bombardier and pilot trainer.)


(Below: Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star @ Hangar 25.)


So if y’all are slow poking y’all’s way through west Texas and are in the area, all o’ y’all should take the detour and stop by one of these museums, ya hear?

Midland Army Airfield Museum

Hangar 25 Air Museum


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