Staring at the sun

Just 16 miles outside Wheatland, WY a town of 3,600, sits the Greyrocks Reservoir, a calm and peaceful place even during the solar eclipse of 2017. You would think with all the people gathering in one place that it would cause some chaos. It was such a wonderful experience it is hard to put it in words.
We were staying near Laramie, WY when we decided to head north for a complete solar eclipse experience and that is exactly what we got. First, we stopped in Wheatland to pick up supplies for the next few days before heading out to the reservoir.

The camping is off 7 different entrance roads some with trash dumpsters and all had pit toilets near the entrance. The first road is where the boat ramp is located and then the other entrances go along the water’s edge. You can get great spots with smaller rigs but seems like a great place for large gatherings like the eclipse.

We settled in for the night to a beautiful sunset. When waking up the first thing I do is open the shade and see what kind of a day it will be and today is a special day. I opened the blind and see a young girl with camera in hand stalking our rig or so I thought. We got up to make coffee and opened all the shades and there we were in the middle of a herd of cattle. That’s a little different but today is a bit different


The cattle moved off and we got out our chairs to relax before the big event. We noticed there were a lot more people around this morning. They must have showed up later in the evening. You could actually feel the excitement in the air.

The time was here and everyone had their special glasses on staring up into the cloudless sky.

It has started.

The sky started getting darker and you could feel the temperature drop. Everywhere you looked on the horizon it was sunset/sunrise. It almost felt like time was standing still and then off in the distance someone started playing the song Mad World and the tone of the song fit the situation so well.

As the sun totally disappeared you could hear people gasp, some applauded and others like me just stood there in silence and took it all in. We will always remember Greyrocks Reservoir that is one memory we will always have as one of the most awesome exeriences we had in our first month of living full time in an RV.


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