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Valley Of Fire State Park, NV.


On our trek up Lake Mead on 167 / Northshore Road heading in to Utah we decided to spend the day at Valley Of Fire State Park

Since we boondocked close by at Stewarts Point, NV and had an early rise we could spend the better part of the day at the State Park and quench our thirst for some hikes, photography and scenic drives.


Needless to say with the amount of trails here it is impossible to do them all in a day, so we opted for White Domes Loop.


The trail itself is well maintained and easy to follow but does require traversing down what once was a waterfall but nevertheless the descend is fairly easy. Down at the bottom of the small canyon one can find a structure that was built for the western movie “The Professionals” which was shot here back in 1966.


In order to get out of the canyon you have to squeeze yourself through a narrow crevice which is easy to navigate through.


Outside of the canyon on the loop back to the parking lot there were plenty of photo opportunities to be had.


Next up was the Fire Wave trail which is accessible across from Parking Area 3 and is an easy to moderate, well marked and maintained trail.


This trail leads to the Fire Wave which surely is one of Mother Nature’s works of Art.


Next up: Atlatl Rock, a petroglyph site accessible only by going up stairs. It’s worth to get your steps in and gaze at this billboard of information that the ancestors of these lands left us.



Last but not least we checked out the campgrounds and took a back loop to get back to the main road and head out of the State Park.


And so, at the end of the day we settle in at Poverty Flats a.k.a Snowbird Mesa, NV and close down early to get some good rest. Tomorrow it’s going to be a 400 mile travel day to our next destination just north of Moab. Little did we know at this time we would arrive way after dark in windy conditions and with so much sand and dust flying around it appeared as if we were in the middle a sandstorm. Read here how that all went down


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