What’s up with the weather?

When you live in a sticks and bricks structure you don’t really have to worry about the weather but in an RV you have to pay close attention or you could be caught in a bad situation.

Driving a rig in heavy winds is a strenuous endeavor and can tire the driver out quickly which means your plans are going to change. Now where are we going to stay? RV full time life is full of sometimes unexpected changes. If you’re not a flexible person you better learn real quick. You don’t want to get stuck in a snow storm or headed for a hurricane or torado.

Watching the weather is essential. There are many apps that keep you up to date and send out alerts on changing conditions. Also, don’t be the stubborn one that doesn’t want to leave somewhere early or arrive late. Your life is worth so much more than a site deposit or leaving a paid spot a day early.

We were boondocking in one of our favorite spots in Wyoming near Laramie when we checked the weather and saw that the first snow storm of the year was moving in and should be here at 2:00 pm so we packed up and left at noon and headed south.

That night we watched the news and saw that there were many accidents and slippery conditions reported. We dodged a bullet that day but only because we paid attention.

So as part of your daily routine like making coffee or brushing your teeth, check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

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