Places of Interest

Quick detour to the Lowry Ruins & Pueblo.


The Lowry Ruins National Historic Landmark and the Lowry Pueblo are one of the sites in the Canyons Of The Ancients National Monument and is located roughly 50 miles (80Km) southeast of Monticello, Utah and 30 miles  (45Km) northwest of Cortez, Colorado, on Highway 491. To get to the site, in Pleasant View turn on road CC and follow it for the last 9 miles (14Km) over a straight and hilly road.


Parking is limited but this should not be a problem since the site doesn’t seem to be visited often. There are picnic tables, trash recepticles and a pit toilet available.


Informative well placed signs explain the history of the area and its previous inhabitants that roamed here about a thousand years ago. (or should I say settled, or both?)


Below an image of the great kiva, located adjacent to the pueblo.


Nearby one can also find the Hovenweep site and it may just be worth the few hours to visit these sites when you are in the Monticello or Cortez area.


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