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Canyonlands National Park

While roaming around the Moab, UT area we decided to visit Canyonlands State Park again.
Headed north out of Moab it is about a 10 mile (15Km) drive to the entrance of the park on  313. As we wound our way up to the top of the mesa we couldn’t help but anticipate the views. The last time we were here it was a little on the hot side and today it’s 46 degrees. Great hiking weather. As soon as you enter the park the views start to expose themselves.
20180320_143400We stopped at the visitor’s center and crossed the street to take in the first view. We talked about what overlooks and trails to take and decided to go all the way to the end and work our way back to the exit.
We drove the 12 miles to Grand View Point overlook to start our photography craze. When you see the magnificent views it makes you feel so small but at the same time so connected to nature in all it’s glory. We took so many pictures and we had just begun.
As we pulled out of the parking lot we saw a small camper van from Switzerland with stickers of countries from all over the world. We felt like a beginners only having 13 states under our belts but got inspiration in the fact that we have a lot of traveling to do.
Next stop Buck Canyon Overlook. This view was spectacular especially since it was late afternoon and the sun was at our backs allowing for great shots. We snapped another dozen or two pictures and moved on to Green River Overlook where we took some more.
We drove by Whale Rock on the way to Upheaval Dome and realized it would take an hour hike to and from so this must be saved for the next time we visit.
Our last stop of the day was the famous Mesa Arch. The walk to the arch is pretty easy with some uphill walking but well worth it.
When we approach the arch to our surprise there’s hardly any people around so it was nice getting to take a lot of pictures without people in them. We spent 30 minutes or so taking, you guessed it, lots of photos. We hiked back to the rig and headed down the road to the exit. What a fantastic day. We’ll be back.

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