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Arches National Park: Devils Garden Trail.

As we are entering Arches National Park for the third time we decide to take our chances on finding a parking spot at the Devils Garden Trailhead, which we have not been successful at the past two times that we were here. This time we are in an RV instead of a regular vehicle and luckily we find a place to park. I am surprised that even during off season the parking at this trail is difficult to find to say the least, and the rule to arrive first thing in the morning or mid to late afternoon to have the best chances finding a parking spot applies here year around it seems.


As we arrived mid afternoon our time at the Devils Garden was limited so we decided to hike to the Tunnel Arch, the Pinetree Arch and Landscape Arch.


Hiking to the Landscape Arch is an easy trail of 1.6 miles (2.1km) roundtrip and has a .2 Mile (300m) steep path leading down to Window and Pinetree Arch. Be advised that the trail beyond Landscape Arch is considered difficult with rocky footing, narrow ledges and steep drop-offs. This primitive trail leads to Dark Angel Arch via Navajo, Partition and Double O Arches and Private Arch. All in all we spent a few great hours out here and would recommend it to anyone but especially experienced hikers that want to venture deep in to the Devils Garden.






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