Boondocking south of Moab, Utah.


About 13 miles (19km) south of Moab on Hwy 191, just outside of Spanish Valley one can find BLM land by turning on Yellow Circle road.



BLM land starts about half a mile in on Yellow Circle road and especially the lower areas are accessible to the largest rigs and the areas appear to be fairly level. (See photos above)



As you make your way up the hill the road becomes rougher, and expect to circumvent many potholes. We wonder why this road wasn’t called “Pothole Road”. Be careful going further up the hill in a larger rig. The photo above shows the road leading up the hill which has a flat area allowing for half a dozen rigs.


During our stay a fifth wheel and a toyhauler made it up here but just like us, they did not venture further uphill. Verizon cell reception was decent with 3 bars 4G and WiFi 4 bars 4G. It has been a nice few days here but onward we go, Scouting Destinations.



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