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Moab to Cortez.

It’s sad to leave Moab but we’ll be back.

Heading south on Hwy 191 the scenary changes from one curve to the next. The La Sal mountains fade as a large expanse opens up. It almost seems like we are in Arches again.

It has a more desert feel to it. As we get closer to Monticello, where we turn east on Hwy. 491, the large mesas appear with green covering the sides.

The road runs through the mesa and passes the entrance to a lesser visited area of Canyonlands called The Needles on Hwy 211 which leads to the park and several boondocking areas. We will be back to check it out when it warms up a bit. 14 miles to go to Monticello. We start climbing and twisting up the mountain as our ears pop. Now on top of the mesa we see wind turbines along the hillside, first ones we have seen in Utah.

As we enter Monticello we see a lot of gas stations and motels. Before we knew it we were at the turn headed for Colorado and towards another mountain range. Cortez is about 60 miles ahead. The land opens up and flattens out making this an ideal place for pastures and small farms which are dotting the landscape.

As we get ready to cross the border, the San Juan Mountains appear welcoming us to Colorado. Dove Creek is very small but has some good services for RV’S. The Dove Creek Superette had a lot to offer.

There is gas, a convenience store, a laundromat, and filled propane bottles are sold here all in one stop. The road starts turning a little south as we are heading for Cortez. The Ute and Black Mountains appear on the right.

The view is wide open with mountains as backdrops. We pass through Cahone and then Pleasant View where you can turn on CC rd. to the Lowry Pueblo at the Canyons of the Ancients, one of many archeaological sites in the area.

Now it’s a straight shot into Cortez for resupplying until we move on in the next couple of days.

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