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Sand Canyon Trailhead, CO.


On our way out of Cortez we come along the Sand Canyon Trailhead and even though it is mid afternoon we decide to pull over and take a look. Parking is as good as non existant for non 4WD vehicles it seems, but we manage to pull the rig over on the side of the road and avoid bottoming out. Soon we come to find out that this is a true hiker, mountain biker and horseback riders’ paradise, with about 20 miles of trails leading along native and archaeological sites, but alas, with daytime running out we are limited to just a small hike. After a short while on the trail we discover the first struxture hidden in a small canyon. The beautiful surroundings make this some prime real estate, now as well as many centuries ago.


We wander around some more and hesitantly decide to move on so we can “put it in park” before daylight runs out. This surely is a place to revisit and take a whole day to explore the trails.



Sand Canyon Trailhead is located 12 miles west of Cortez CO and 27 miles east of Anath UT on G Road. GPS: 37.341265,-108.817707


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