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Anasazi Heritage Center, Dolores, CO

We are in Dolorez, CO at The Anasazi Heritage Center,

Admission: $3.00 for adults and kids under 18 free. Free with National Park Pass.

The heritage center has many displays and several are to be handled and touched.

It’s nice to be able to put your hands on the past. Each tribe had their own style of pottery and coloring. White pottery painted black, black pottery painted white as well as black on red and smudged ceramics. Abajo red on orange and Chapin gray.

The pottery collection is outstanding and the museum is filled with a wealth of knowledge of the Pueblo people, the work of archaeologists and the people that want to preserve that culture.

The hands on experience was interesting from weaving to grinding corn and it wasn’t just for kids, I hope, or I just made a fool of myself. Either way; It was fun.

There was a side gallery with art work from local artists of the beautiful landscapes of The Canyons of the Ancients. Off the main lobby area was a theatre with a movie about the National Monument. The gift shop was nice and had all the souvenirs covered. They even had stamps for your National Park passport.

 Outside of tbe heritage center one finds an uphill trail to tbe pueblo. The views over the river are fantastic. All in all this was a great start of our day and on we go, ever Scouting Destinations.



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