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Bok Tower Garden, a contemplative garden and bird sanctuary.

One of our favorite stops in central Florida is Bok Tower Gardens.

It is located in Lake Wales right in the center of Florida. Don’t worry about parking when you get there because the lot is enormous and there is plenty of room for all types of vehicles.
The visitor’s center has a lot of history about Edward Bok, a Dutch immigrant, who worked in the publishing business and became Editor of Ladies Home Journal. He wanted to pay back the country that gave him so much so he built this carillon tower and garden.


gardens were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., a world famous landscape architect. As you stroll on the many paths through the maze of trees and flowers a peacefulness comes over you.

At certain times of the day they have carillon concerts and people gather some even bring chairs to sit on the lawn around the base of the 205 ft. tall tower. The tower was built on the top of Iron Mountain at 295 ft. above sea level, the tallest point on the peninsula of Florida.

The carillon consists of 60 bells of varing sizes and weights. The sound of the bells is so beautiful and haunting all at the same time. We actually got to meet the carillonist who was Flemish and traveled the world giving carillon concerts.

We enjoyed our time so much we spent the whole day wandering the gardens and listening to the

“Singing Tower”. Make sure to give yourself enough time to wander and get lost in the beauty of the gardens.

As a side note: while in the area check out Spook Hill. Well worth the few minutes it takes. I was a sceptic but after experiencing it for myself, I’m a believer.


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