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Pipe Spring National Monument, AZ

Pipe Spring National Monument, located south east of Zion National Park and roughly an hour drive from it, is one of those places that is definitely worth an hour or so stop.

Pipe Spring has abundant parking for any size vehicle / RV and consists of a museum with displays and artefacts and a giftshop, a coral with Texas Longhorns and two cabins made in to a stronghold.

Guided tours are given to the stone cabin / stronghold that was erected by the mormons. The structure is built on top of a spring and provides fresh flowing water (and refrigeration) to the homestead.

It is interesring to learn about the history of this area and how the “stronghold” came about. The addition of gun ports, thick walls and wooden gates made these two cabins in to a small but defendible fortress.

We enjoyed the stop here, but on we go, Scouting Destinations.

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