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Red Canyon Trails : Dixie National Forest, Utah.

The Red Canyon Trails are located in the Dixie National Forest, about 12 miles (18 Km) west of Bryce Canyon City on Utah Scenic Byway 12 a.k.a All-American Road.

Red Rock Canyon has no less than sixteen (!) different foot, bike and horse trails of varying difficulty and length, and these trails allow for loop options as well, taking you on several trails.

We decided to take the Pink Ledges Trail starting at the visitor center and sidetracked to part of the Hoodoo Trail back to the visitor center. The trail itself can be considered easy even though at the point where Pink Ledges and Hoodoo Trail join we had to traverse a steep incline and descend at the other end after climbing over and sliding dow some boulders. It was fun taking the small hike / stroll and can only imagine how beautiful the other trails are.

A good base closeby that allows you to spend several days at the Red Canyon Trails is the Red Canyon Campground, located about a quarter mile east of the visitor center and open from May through September, weather permitting, and with a maximum stay of 14 days. Interesting fact is that the Red Canyon Campground is the only campground that has showers in all of the four ranger districts campgrounds in the the Dixie National Forest, and one of the very few that has an RV dump site. Verizon cell and wifi is spotty and unreliable. If we are passing through the area again we will certainly hit this campground again, but for now, on we go; Scouting Destinations.

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