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Road Tripping around Hite, UT.

We started our day like every other with a great cup of coffee and unknown roads awaiting us.

We hadn’t gone too far when we came upon a sign that said “Hite” and an arrow pointing to the left. We giggled trying to figure out how to pronounce it. About that time we came to a large bridge spanning the Colorado River.

We pulled off the road and decided on a morning hike down to the rim and take a look at the mighty Colorado river, a river we have encountered many times in our Colorado travels. The bridge covers a huge expanse over a deep gorge.

It reminded us of our journey to the Rio Grande Gorge bridge outside of Taos, but at this bridge we could actually decend to get a different perspective. The hike wasn’t too hard and was well worth it for the great views.

After about 30 minutes we decided to move on down the road. As soon as we got back on the road we crossed the bridge and headed up to the top of the mesa and to our surprise there was another pullover with a “scenic view” sign so we pulled over. The view from the overlook gave us a view of the bridge we just crossed and the village of Hite right on the curve of the Colorado river.

The views were amazing. The original city of Hite is at the bottom of the Colorado today since the Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1966, flooding the original town, but a new town is trying for a comeback.

So glad we decided to scout some destinations this morning, and on we go.


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