Boondocking near Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Just north of the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park on Utah 63, there is plenty of boondocking available. Turn on FR 090 / Great Western Trail (50 yards before the Bryce Canyon welcone sign) and after about 100 yards you will find many sites available allowing for all types of rigs aa well as tent camping. Be mindful of the road condition as there are quiet a few potholes and ruts on this dirt road. During our stays here we found a spot just after the cattle guard and to the right, nicely packed in between some trees and bushes, and the second spot being about a 100 yards past the cattle guard and off to the right. Many more spots await further down the road. There are no facilities to be found here. Cell and WiFi reception with Verizon was very good at 4 bars 4G. All in all a nice place to use as a base to explore Bryce Canyon. Keep in mind that in the first part of Bryce Canyon there is no RV parking allowed (max vehicle length to park is 20 ft) so we stayed at the Sunset Campground in order to easily be able to explore the trails which are located in the first few miles of the park and start just across fron the campground.

All in all this was a great area to boondock and it being just outside of Bryce Canyon was a plus, too.


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