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Driving to the Grand Staircase – Torrey to Escalante on Utah Hwy 12.

We started our day boondocking outside of Torrey and drove into town hoping for a bakery and we found one, the only one. While driving out of town tell the police officer with his 1970’s sideburns hello from us when you see him, or at least wave.

We turn onto Utah Highway 12 to make the drive to the Grand Staircase in the direction of Bryce Canyon National Park. At one of the overlooks we meet a couple from South Africa who (as can be seen on their map) have travelled far and wide all over the world. Since my native tongue is Dutch and the Suid Afrikaans language is closely related, we spoke a mix of English, Dutch and South African. Big “wow” factor on their rig, travels and adventures!

As we make our way we stop at several overlooks

and even ventured to a lake about 5 miles off the road but we went on to Boulder where we stop for lunch at “Magnolias” food truck, located at the Coombs Site / Anasazi State Park Museum.

After a delicious Cuban sandwich we decide to pay a quick visit to the site. We are here anyway and can use a little walk after lunch.

From Boulder to Escalante were overlook after overlook. So many pictures to take.

We ended the day at Escalante State Park right next to the lake.

Bryce Canyon National Park is getting closer one mile at a time.

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