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A trip to Park City, UT

We’re headed out of Provo into the mountains today, up Hwy 189 to Heber City and then to Park City. First place we pull over is a waterfall.

Our next stop is Vivian Park. As we arrive a train is unloading the passengers. Some are having a picnic lunch and others are stretching their legs before the trip back to Heber City.

On we go through tunnels.

Just in time for some lunch at the Deer Creek Reservoir.

We finally arrive in Park City. It reminds us of Telluride mixed with a little Aspen and a dash of Breckenridge.

We are unsure if the roads are open but when we see two state troopers on motorbikes make their way up the switchbacks we decide to follow them. They would surely make us turn around if the road was closed.

After taking some pictures and enjoying the views we decide what to do; Move on or go back, and decide on the latter.

As we got to the bottom of the hill we suddenly are in a traffic jam. Someone had locked the gate and left a few of us stranded. Luckily, a backcountry camper came to our rescue with a key. Well that was enough excitement for one day. Now it’s time to scout out our next destination.

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