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Antelope Island State Park, Utah.

The road leading to Antelope State Park reminded me of a causeway in Florida leading to a beautiful beach but this causeway led to an island rising out of the Great Salt Lake which is a remnant of a much larger prehistoric sea called Lake Bonneville. We arrived too early to check into the campsite so we headed for the far end of the island. We stopped at Dooley Knob trailhead which had a great view.

We drove as far as we could and ended up at the Fielding Garr Ranch. The ranch seems like you are stepping in time when this was a working ranch in the 1800’s. We were met by a nice gentleman in overalls and a straw hat that gave us a brochure and a quick lesson on following the numbered signs.

We wondered around the sheep barn which was full of swallow’s nest and the chattering of the swallows. We slowly walked to the corrals, grain silo and then back to the main house. As we got close a lady shrieked “a rattlesnake” we went over to the cellar to take a look, someone said “oh, it’s just a gopher snake” and everyone went about their business.

We ran into another gentleman in full cowboy garb who pointed out some owls in a tree in a nearby clearing. We saw 3 owls that day, how exciting. We talked with that cowboy for awhile before finishing our self guided tour. Off to the campsite to get settled in for the next 2 nights. On our drive back up the shoreline we saw a herd of bison grazing.

As we arrived at our campground, Bridger Bay, we were awed by our spectacular view.

After we arrived we couldn’t wait to go for a walk to the Great Salt Lake so off we go. The distance is a little misleading. We walked and walked and walked until finally we were at the water.

It’s a thrill to put your feet in the Great Salt Lake but now the walk back to the rig. It looked so far away. Time for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

The next morning after coffee we decided to take the trail that started in our campground. We packed a bag with water and some snacks and off we went on the Lakeside trail a 2.8 mile one way hike.

We made it about halfway had our snacks and water and headed back. We spent the rest of the day watching the wildlife, a Pronghorn mama and her baby, playing on the beach. Antelope Island was a trip to remember even with the “no see ems”. Now we know why everyone was covered in netting.

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