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Trail of the Ancients : Blanding to Natural Bridges National Monument.

We left Blanding and headed down UT 95, also known as the Trail of the Ancients. Our first stop was Butler Wash Ruins. It was a half mile walk to the overlook of the ruins. Binoculars come in handy because the ruins are a hundred or so yards away.

A short walk back to the rig and we’re off to see Comb Ridge which is a linear north to south trending monocline, nearly 80 miles long. It starts in Utah and runs into northern Arizona. Just a big huge wall of different layers.

The next stop was a very well preserved Anasazi (which means ancient ones) village. The ruins were just off a parking lot so very easy walking. Theses are the Mule Canyon ruins. Several small rooms in a long L shape with a separate round kiva. There was also a well close by.

Now it is off to Natural Bridge National Monument and our next adventure.


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