Boondocking near Sublett, Idaho.

We visited the Golden Spike National Historic Site and are making our way up Interstate 84 in to Idaho. It is late afternoon and we are looking for a spot to boondock for the night. As Walmart parking lots become boring after a while, and we don’t need to stock up we decide on the boonies instead. We have enough daylight left to find a spot, exit the Interstate and take 564 through the village of Sublett towards the Sublett Reservoir.

The winding and narrow mountain road leads us to the reservoir where we find an excellent spot for the night. The area is located when you first get to the reservoir and is accessible by going over a small one lane dam. We didn’t expect any facilities here, but to our surprise there is a pithouse and a trash recepticle.

About a mile or so further down the road and on the other side of the reservoir is a primitive camping area that requires a fee. Unsure as to why because the boondocking spot is on gravel and level ground, and the campground is no more than a circular dirt path around a pithouse and a grass area which may require leveling your RV and even risk sinking in to the wet soil.

The boondock area where we stayed has several fire pits but can handle half a dozen rigs for sure, and being located right at the reservoir gave us some nice views as well which are always a plus.

Cell reception was non existant but we did have average signal WiFi with Verizon Jetpack and the use of an external antenna, allowing us to watch Youtube and use our Firestick, albeit we had to watch in low resolution. All in all it was a nice stay at the reservoir, and being not too far off the Interstate was a plus, too.

But on we go, as ever, Scouting Destinations and this one is marked as a “come back to” spot if we are in the area and need a place to stay for the night.


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