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Twin Falls, ID and the beautiful Shoshone Falls

We met several people that told us we should go to see the Twin Falls in, guess, Twin Falls, Idaho. Well, we found a lot more there than just the falls. As we drove into town from the interstate the first thing we saw was a massive gorge with a huge expansion bridge begging to have its pictures taken. This also happened to be the visitors center so we parked, got visitors information and took some pictures.

We saw a few guys working on their parachutes on the lawn outside the building. When I was reading an information panel on the bridge it mentioned that this was the only bridge that allows base jumping without a permit. Those guys have nerves of steel, and tou just winder how they get back up again after paraxhuting down. We also learned that a few miles from the bridge Evil Kneivel made his famous jump over the Snake River. Interesting things going on here in Twin Falls but on to the highlight of the trip, the Shoshone Falls.

The admission price too see the Shoshone Falls is $3.00 per vehicle and well worth it. The park was so green and lush. We almost forgot what green looked like after being in the desert for months.

Looking away from the falls towards town the canyon was filled with mist and a double rainbow. The sound of the water roaring down the falls in to the river below was awesome to see as well.

After some well spent time here we take another look at the falls before we head for new adventures. Life is too short to stand still so on we go; Scouting Destinations.

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