Boondocking at the Bell Rapids Access Area on the Snake River near Hagerman, Idaho.

After visiting Twin Falls / Shoshone Falls we are headed towards Oregon, and along our way are skirting parts of the old Oregon Trail. As daylight is burning away steadily we are looking for a spot to settle in for the night. A few days ago we were boondocking near Sublett, Idaho and enjoyed being near the water, and we decide to find a similar spot. So here we are; South of the town of Hagerman and parked at the west end of E 2830 S at the Bell Rapids Access Area on the Snake River. The area where we set up is the area adjacent to the boat ramp. There is a pit toilet and trash recepticle. Cell service and WiFi with Verizon was excellent.

The boat ramp is very nicely and spaciously set up and even provides loaner life vests. We enjoy a good night rest and as the sum comes up we are ready to move on. And so, we scouted another boondocking destination that we like to share with the visitors of our blog. And on we go, trailing towards Oregon, and little do we know we get to see a lot more of the Oregon Trail very soon.

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