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Erickson Aircraft Collection, Madras, OR.

As we are making our way through Oregon and our route makes us go through Madras, we decide to visit the Erickson Aircraft Collection, located at the municipal airport.

Any avaiation enthusiast would agree that the aircraft in this collection are outstanding. Mixed in with “the regulars” such as the B-25, P-51, F4U, DC-3 and others you’ll find one of a kind aircraft ranging from the nimble Japanese Ki-43 “Oscar” fighter and the menacing looking German Messerschmitt 109 WW2 Axis fighters to the Wright Bellanca II ( WB-II), Charles Lindbergh’s first choice of aircraft to cross the Atlantic Ocean. As we know the “Spirit of St. Louis” got Lindbergh across the pond. If only Mr. Bellanca had known how history would unfold itself.

There are many more rare aircraft in the hangar and on the tarmac. Also the many displays will catch attention as they contain some very nice artefacts. Anyone passing through Madras with some time to spare should definitely visit or regret forever for not going and passing up the opportunity. We cannot recommend this place enough. Go, just go, but on we go; Scouting Destinations.

Erickson Aircraft Collection
2408 NW Berg Drive, Madras, OR, 97741
(541) 460-5065

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