Boondocking near Bend, Oregon.

After a nice scenic drive we made it to Bend, OR and are looking for a place for the night. Just east of Bend on Hwy 20, we take Powell Butte Rd and then turn right on to Alfalfa Market Rd. After about half a mile we turn left to get to our destination, the Alfalfa Market Trailhead. Be aware of the narrow entrance going through a cattle guard, ruts and potholes.

The trailhead area itself is mostly level and is on BLM land. The area is frequented by joggers and people walking their dogs, and when we were here it wasn’t busy at all. Cell reception with Verizon data and WiFi was very good.

Next morning we decided to take a walk on the trail and were advised by a local to follow the trail up to the holding pond at the fork, and climb up the hill to get some great views of the surrounding mountains. We did and were not diappointed.

All in all this was a great place to rest our eyes, but in we go; Scouting Destinations.

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