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Madras, OR to Bend, OR

As usual we have our hot cup of coffee for on the road and as we left the Erickson Aircraft Collection we came across a memorial for the fallen pilots of WWII. We found the sculpture very moving.

We then pulled out onto Hwy 26, headed through Madras then turned south on Hwy 97 towards Bend, OR. About 20 miles south of Madras the coffee ran out so we were on the lookout for a rest stop to make a new cup. And there it was; As we pulled off we noticed people walking out on an old bridge. “That looks cool; Let’s go check it out.”, a phrase we use quiet often. A little morning walk is always nice. We walked to the edge and WOW what a view.

Who would have expected such an incredible find at a rest stop? This gem is right outside Terrebone, OR where Hwy 97 and the Crooked River cross.

Also at the bridge is a memorial for Rex T. Barber a favorite son of Terrebone, OR.

He is credited for shooting down the infamous Marshal Admiral Yamamoto during WWII, after intelligence broke the Japanese code and found out Yamamoto’s itinerary. A daring mission was planned and succeeded in bringing down his aircraft.

With a fresh cup of coffee, some nice photos, and a little history under our belts we are headed to Bend to scout out a boondocking place for a little rest.


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