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Klamath Falls Favell Museum to Jacksonville, OR.

Our day started with a quick shopping trip at the Walmart. We had seen an ad for the Favell Museum which boasted that it had the largest collection of Native American artifacts as well as a truly amazing collection of miniature firearms that actually fire. We were intrigued so we paid the $10.00 entrance fee and we weren’t disappointed. There is also a large collection of Western artwork. It was a nice morning, slowly making our way through the museum. The museum doesn’t permit photography so we only have a shot of the outside.

After we left Klamath Falls we headed to Jacksonville, OR for a stay at a winery. Jacksonville is a small town south of Medford, OR with many wineries. Our journey took us to Longsword Vineyard.

After arriving and settling in we went for a wine tasting on the patio. Madelyn “Mad” was our hostess served us 5 different wines, all of them were excellent. As we were sipping our wine para sails were coming in for a landing in a large field near the patio. Mad explained that they were getting ready for their first parasailing tournament. The parasailers take-off from a mountain a few miles away and land at the vineyard. Glad we brought the binoculars so we could see them soaring high in the sky before landing.

We also got to meet all the farm animals too. There were ducks, chickens, sheep and of course dogs.

We had such a fun time here. We even added to our small but delicious wine collection. We’re a little sad to go but new destinations await.


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