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Freed Estate Winery, Winston, OR

From one vineyard to another is not a normal thing for us to do but we’re glad we did. The small town of Winston is very picturesque and quiet; Just what we love.

We entered a small road that led us to the Freed Estate Winery tasting room. We were met with a big smile and hello from Pam, one of the owners. We introduced ourselves and had a seat at the bar. The other owner Mike, Pam’s husband came in and sat next to us and explained how they came to open the winery and showed us a picture of the first vines planted.

We tasted 5 different wines from a Rosé to a delicious Cabernet. Our favorite was the 2008 Syrah. We had such a great conversation with the owners and decided on a glass of Syrah and stroll through the vineyards down to the river, sitting on a deck overlooking the river.

We had a nice peaceful time drinking our wine and enjoying the river. As we sat there an eagle flew by and perched on a branch right across the river from us for a minute and then flew off. Our mouths were still hanging open as he left.

Wow; Our first bald eagle sighting since we began our travels about a year ago. What a majestic creature. After that we saw a Sea duck with about 12 babies following her down the river.

What a beautiful place they have carved out of this piece of land. Needless to say we bought several bottles to enjoy down the road. Next stop: The Oregon coast.

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