Boondocking at Hartman Rocks Recreation Area, near Gunnison, CO.

After leaving Poncha Loop and filling, dumping and stocking up in Salida and Poncha Springs, we roam through Colorado and spend a few days at the Hartman Rocks Recreation Area, off Highway 50 on 38/Airport Rd, just west of Gunnison. The gravel road was decent – albeit with ruts at some parts – but over all in good shape. We found a great spot with awesome views and settled in. Verizon service was good with 3 bars 4G, however depending on where you camp signal quality may differ, as there are many camping sites in the area. There is a lot of outdoor activity going on in this beautiful area. Stay is limited to 14 days at designated sites only. A few pit toilets are scattered around and at the day use area parking at the east entrance off Airport Rd there is a small trash bin and a pit toilet. Be advised that when entering from the east side a steep hill needs to be climbed, which may not be suitable for all vehicles, especially when towing an additional vehicle. The west entrance is just a few miles furter down Hwy 50, and trun on 32 at the wastewater treatment plant. On our travels we may actually come back here at some point but on we go; Scouting Destinations.

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