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Aztec Ruins, Aztec, NM

On our travels through New Mexico we arrive at the town of Aztec and decide to stop for lunch at the Aztec Ruins. The site is not far off the highway so we dont have to go out of our way to have lunch, visit the site and rest up for a bit.

Parking is abundant and allows for the largest sizes of RV’s. Admission is free and the rangers are very friendly and helpful.

We took a self guided tour of the site, which provided interesting facts about this settlement.

It amazes us that this is a lesser known and visited place, as the structures are in great shape and photo opportunities are countless.

After spending a few hours here we hit the road again; Well rested, with a full stomach and a great experience richer we settle in for several days at Mesa De Cuba . Next time you roll through the town of Aztec, consider a stop at the Aztevc Ruins. It’s worth it.

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