Places of Interest

Purple Haze Lavender Farm in Sequim, WA.

We got to Sequim, WA early afternoon and pulled into the Purple Haze Lavender Farm.

The farm was beautiful and the people were just getting ready for their annual Lavender Festival. The store was so inviting, but the ice cream stand won out on the first dollars spent. Lavender ice cream, oh yea!

We sat on the back porch indulging in the ice cream and watch the birds dart around the many bird feeders. It was so relaxing, the lavender must be working its magic somehow.

The gardens around the lavender beds where filled with beautiful flowers and a few animals.

The climate in this area is perfect for lavender as we learned. This region of Washington only gets 16″ of rain each year because it is on the “rain shadow” side of the mountains. Just on the other side of the mountains is the rainforest which gets about 4′ of rain each year.

Purple Haze Lavender distills their own lavender essential oils right next to the store. The store is filled with products of all sorts, of course made of lavender. Our stop here was relaxing as well as beautiful but we must move on and scout out some new destinations, so on we go.

For more information check the Purple Haze Lavender Farm website



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