Boondocking at Possum Kingdom Lake, near Graford, TX.

After spending a few days at Lake Meredith , and a stop in Wellongton, TX, we make our way to Possum Kindom Lake. Located about 80 miles west of Ft Worth, TX, near Graford, some nice sites can be found at the Possum Kingdom Lake Campground, which is maintained by the Brazos River Authority. This free campground has great emenities; Each site has a covered patio, a fire ring with grill (as well as a raised grill!) and an oil barrel sized trash recepticle. With decent spacing between sites privacy is excellent. Great views of the lake and plenty recreational activities make this place lend itself well to stay for more than one day. At the entrance is a boat dock and large parking area. Be aware of some low tree branches and sharp curves in the camping area. Owners of larger RV’s may want to scout out the sites located higher up before venturing up the hill. There is no dump site at this campground but there is an RV park accross the road and Possum Kingdom Lake State Park nearby. With 4G 4 bar (Verizon) connectivity, and lots of wildlife around us we enjoyed our stay here, but on we go; Scouting Destinations.

For more information visit the Possum Kingdom Lake website

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