10 RV Tips for cat owners

Well we have been adopted by a cute little black kitten. She found us at Memphis City Park in Memphis, Texas so of course her name is Memphis. She stole our hearts so now we have a kitten on board. We have found over the last few days a few tips for RV cats. With little room on board our Class B motorhome we found ways of making things work. There is no need to go out and spend a bunch of money on fancy toys because they lose interest so fast. So we go cheap and here are our Top 10 RV tips for cat owners.

  1. An empty toilet paper roll with a string is an idea toy. Actually anything on a string will work. We hang is from the towel rack in the bathroom and she enjoys batting it around the bathroom.
  2. Memphis loves to play with a lighter. On our vinyl floors she can move that thing like nobody’s business. She runs up and down the rig like a skater on ice.
  3. Believe it or not a rolled up pair of socks makes for some good entertainment and keeps her occupied. Sometimes she carries it around like a baby.
  4. A scratching post of some sort is an essential if you want to preserve your rig. We bought the cardboard type but a really creative idea comes from Always on Liberty another nomad and cat lover.
  5. Odor free cat litter is a must. In a small rig smells are very noticeable so the choice of cat litter is a big decision . We find that the 10 day guarantee really is 10 days with cleaning everyday.
  6. To keep her attention sometimes we play with a flashlight which has a strobe light function. The simple things in life give us and our kitten so much pleasure.
  7. This might sound a little strange but she needs a harness and a leash to be accepted in most RV parks even if she is an indoor cat if she leaves the rig she has to be on a leash. Training a cat to walk with a harness and leash is a great learning and patience experience.
  8. Our rig came with a built in toilet paper cover but for all you folks that don’t have one here are a few covered toilet paper dispensers . Believe me you’ll need one. After leaving the little angel alone for 30 minutes we came back to a whole roll of paper all over the bathroom. Now we make sure to close the dispenser every time. That RV toilet paper is expensive.
  9. Make sure to get the right food for your purrticular the loved one. There is a difference between a kitten and a cat and their food needs are different too. We bought indoor kitten food for her and plan to upgrade as she grows.
  10. For safety reasons it is best to have your cat travel in a cat carrier and make sure you have emergency information written on the carrier. Leaving your cat in the rig is a concern because of the heat but with the right ventilation and a pet monitor to keep an eye on your pet while you are gone it gives you a little piece of mind.

We hope this helps with your travels. It seems like a daunting task to take a little on board but the joy they give you is well worth any effort.

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