Nomadfest2018 was more than we could have expected. The gathering of nomads all in one place was energizing and inspiring. The fest started with a little soggy weather but that can’t stop nomads from having fun; We are used to unexpected changes. The town of Wellington, Texas was the site of the event and we must say that the townspeople were very friendly and welcoming.

The Ritz theater is a beautiful renovated theater where the premiere of RV Nomads The Movie took place.

The opening night was filled with music performed by some of the cast members. Right before the opening ceremony another nomad who had just come from the Albuquerque balloon festival, gave people tethered rides in a hot air balloon.

First up on the stage was Audrey Callahan who narrated the movie and appeared with her partner, Shane. What an incredible voice. Next up was Drivin’ n’ Vibin’ which consisted of Olivia and Kyle Brady, fellow nomads. The night ended with all the musicians on the stage for a big finale.

The first day was filled with panel discussions on RV topics which ranged from tips for traveling to Alaska to working on the road. Each panel was very informative and inspirational.

That evening was the long anticipated movie premiere. We’ve had our tickets for over a year and now it’s here. Patience finally payed off.

The standing ovation at the end of the movie said it all, as well as the tears that welled up in pride that we are doing exactly what the movie pointed out. The tears are welling up right now remembering how the movie gave us such pride in knowing that we are part of this wonderful movement. As we walked back to the rig through town we talked about what Eric Odom had said after the movie about the meaning of EPIC Empowering Positive Inspirational Collaborative.

The next day we had more seminars that dealt with creator content and marketing your blogs, vlogs and businesses from the road. Learned a whole lot about the direction we want to head.

That evening was our pot luck dinner and a night of games and laughter to wrap up an amazing few days.

The next morning rigs starting leaving and the realization that even though we are all headed in different directions, we would see each other again on the road or at least next year for Nomadfest2019.

To watch the movie release on 11/15/18 use this link and then get EPIC.


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