Boondocking at Lake Winnsboro, TX

After visiting friends and family in the Dallas area we are making our way to Lake Winnsboro, located just outside of the town of – you guessed it – Winnsboro, Texas. Located at the end of a road you will find an area that lends itself well to set up for several days, and has good views of the lake. There are plenty of trash bins scattered all over the place, and there is a pit toilet as well as a boat ramp. The area appears to be used mostly by locals. Cell and data reception were all right with 3 bars 4G Verizon. We had a nice couple of days at this location but on we go: Scouting Destinations.

Directions: Take 515 westbound out of Winnsboro, turn on 4870 amd finally turn on to 4847; Follow 4847 all the way to the end.

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