Boondocking Travel

Boondocking at Apache Nugget Casino and Travel Center, near Cuba, NM.

On our way through the northwestern part of New Mexico we plan to stay at Mesa De Cuba again, but the heavy rain that has been coming down over the last few days, making the dirt roads a quagmire, has prevented us from venturing back on to the mesa. So, it’s time for “Plan B”. About 20 miles west of Cuba, NM, on Hwy 550 we come along the Apache Nugget Travel Center, and decide to stay here for the night. Before settling in we check in with the security guard at the casino. There were quiet a few eightteen wheelers with their running generators parked in the casino lot for the night, so we opt for the area across the street, away from the light and noise. Perfect; Plan B is successful and we park on a level lot, among a few other RV’ers that are scattered around this area. Data and cell reception was great on Verizon and after a good dinner and some TV we decide to call it a night. It has been a long haul coming up out of the Big Bend area of Texas. Next morning the weather is still miserable so with fresh hot coffee we decide to hit the road again, onwards towards better weather and as always, Scouting Destinations.

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