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Sage Creek Campground in Badlands National Park SD

Sage creek campground is at the very western part of the Badlands National Park. We always try to find free camping as much as possible so when we found a campground in a national park that was free, we were there.The campground was a huge circle with 25 parking spaces around the border. We had no problem with our 24 foot rig, but would not recommend to bring a larger vehicle. There were tent campers, car campers and vans and everyone had space including the bison and prarie dogs.The bison would roam through the grassy area during the day and give everyone a treat with their presence and ofcourse the many photo opportunities. There are also hiking trails up the rolling hills around the campground. The campground has 2 pit toilets and trash dumpsters. In the center are covered and uncovered picnic tables. The cell coverage was good with 4G 2 bars with Verizon. This is definately worth the trip down a dirt road to get here. Wish we could stay longer but it’s off to Scout new Destinations.

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