Boondocking gem near Buena Vista, CO


Sometimes you just come along one of those little pieces of paradise which, after staying there for a few days, you just know you’ll get back to at some point.


This is one of those places and its located just north of Buena Vista, CO, right along the Arkansas river on 371, about six miles north of the Midland Tunnels.


Coming in from Hwy 24 between Buena Vista and Granite, after turning on 371 its about half a mile south to the area with several spots where you can pull over and park.


Initially we were just adventuring off the beaten path and pulled over to make some coffee, take some pictures to share with friends and family on social media and enjoy the beautiful scenery for a while before moving on.

As we were wondering if overnight stays were allowed here, luck had it that a ranger came by who informed us that it wouldnt be a problem.


There are just a few spots to pull over and boondock here and the area is very serene, even though there are campings and parks closeby.

While we were here at the end of September 2017 the fall colours were a sight to behold and the only sounds we heard were that of the river and the birds around us.


The only traffic that we saw come by during the few days we stayed here were some fisherman making their way down the river and every now and then a car or a pick-up truck.

With the town of Buena Vista closeby to resupply and the added bonus of good internet service this was a great place to stay for a few days, and as mentioned; We will find ourselves back here at some point.

Location: 38.9546843, -106.1930642



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