Places of Interest

Vermillionville. LA


Not far off US-90 in LaFayette, LA you are transported back to 1765 – 1890 in this living history museum depicting the Acadians who came from Canada to settle in Louisianna. Vermillionville is a folklife village which sits on the banks of Bayou Vermillion. From the time you enter through the gift shop until you return you are in another time. Every person is dressed in period costume and knows their character to a tee.

As you stroll from the blacksmith shop to the school house every character tells you about their job and answers questions. We actually crossed a small pond by hand on a ferry to get to the church and stables. As we were wondering back to the entrance we noticed a cafe that looked very nice but it was already closed.

All of a sudden we heard music and hollering in the background so we headed that way. As soon as we opened the door the Cajun music invited us inside. Several people were dancing as the music played. Something about Cajun music that makes you want to tap your feet. The music ended and that was the perfect ending to the day.


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