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Architectural dream in the center of Coral Gables, FL

We found out that there was a free tour of the legendary Biltmore Coral Gables hotel on Sundays on a local travel site Thrillist and it came in at #9. Glad we decided to take the time to go. When we entered the lobby you realize there is a lot of history here. The large bird aviaries in the lobby catch your eye.

As we waited for our tour guide we admired all the detail of the architecture. The tile work alone was stunning and the huge fireplaces set off both ends of the lobby. Our guide gathered us by the fireplace and introduced himself and we all told our names and where we were from and to my surprise we were the only Americans. The hotel had people from all over the world from Scotland to India and everywhere in between.

The history of the hotel has so many twists and turns it’s best you read it for yourself.

History of the Biltmore Coral Gables.

You’ll enjoy the tour and get all the rumors about some of the famous and infamous visitors over the years.

The swimming pool has its own history. It was once the largest pool in the world and the house swimming instructor was none other than Johnny Weissmuller the original TV Tarzan and Olympic gold medalist.

Our guide made it an enjoyable and humorous afternoon. As we headed back to the large parking lot we stopped by the clubhouse to get a few pictures.

So glad we decided to spend the afternoon learning about the history of the city of Coral Gables as well as the hotel and it’s many turns.


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