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Lunch and a hike at Redstone Dune Trail, NV.


As we left Government Wash this morning and are slow-poking our way north towards Utah, we had one of those “let’s hit the brakes and park” moments, in this case when we approached the Redstone Dune Trail, located on 167 (Northshore Rd.) about 30 miles (45 Km) east of Las Vegas, NV.


Initially the plan was to make some coffee, take a few pictures and move on, but when we saw the trail we decided we might as well take a little hike, and make some lunch and coffee as well.


The trail itself is about two thirds of a mile (1 Km) long, is not strenuous and does not have any steep inclines.

Im some parts of tbe trail small brushes and rocks are scattered everywhere making it that sometimes there is not much of a recognizable path.


At the entrance you will find several roofed tables, trash recepticles, recycling bins, a pit toilet and parking is available even for larger sized rigs.20180307_094654.jpg

This was a nice unexpected stop during our “morning commute”, and without realizing it yet once more we are Scouting Destinations.


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