Boondocking near Zion National Park, UT.

About 17 miles from the entrance to Zion National Park there are some great boondocking spots to be found on BLM land in the area. Located off Utah Hwy 9 take Laverkin Overlook Road to get to the BLM land where we stayed. There are more places to boondock further east and thus closer to Zion, but we found that cell reception deteriorates the closer you get to the park.

Be advised that the road conditions leave a lot to be desired on Laverkin Overlook Road and expect deep ruts, angled surfaces, potholes and more challenges. See the images below.

About a quarter mile in you will find several areas that are relatively flat and can hold a good amount of RV’s, however there are more spots further down the dirt roads. Even though we didn’t venture there since we will leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, we did see a Roadtrek making it all the way across the crest of the hill.

There are no facilities in this area, and cell reception and WiFi were all right with 3 to 4 bars 4G on Verizon.

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