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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, by RV.

This short article gives you some information about visiting Bryce Canyon National Park in an RV.

First tip is to stock up on food and gasoline as Bryce charges more than an arm and a leg for anything and everything. Depending on the size of your motorhome you may want to set a plan of action on how to explore Bryce Canyon. RV’s can be parked at the visitor center, from which buses depart to the different overlooks at Bryce Canyon. The limitations for RV parking are in the first part of the park, and only allow parking to vehicles of 20 feet and less. During our visit we stayed at the Sunset Campground when we focussed on the first part of Bryce Canyon with its parking restrictions, and we boondocked when we ventured further south in to the park to places without any parking restrictions for our RV. This way we did not have to rely on the buses and we could be on our own schedule.

Above, maybe the most taken and most familiar picture of Bryce Canyon. The “wow factor” is incredible when you see this view for the first time.

Many scenic overlooks and trails await visitors to the park and I am sure we will be back here at some point, as during our stay we only went on shorter trails due to my sprained ankle.

And so, after being here for almost a week we leave Bryce and are headed west, because we are called from somewhere over the horizon…

– R –

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