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Golden Spike National Historic Site, Promontory Summit, Utah.

We are leaving Antelope Island State Park and are travelling up Interstate 15 northbound out of Salt Lake City after visiting the Natural History Museum. We are making our way to Idaho, but instead of taking Interstate 84 we decide to take a side trip along Utah Hwy 83 towards Promontory, and visit the Golden Spike Historic Site. As we are approaching we see one of the steam locomotives ride along the track. We quickly park in a nice RV parking spot, pay our entrance fee and hurry outside to see the locomotive in action. As was the case recently at the petroglyph site, we now also find ourselves tagging along with a class of school children, and a ranger talking about the work on the railroad. Inside the building are displays, videos and exhibits telling about the history of the railroad from the people involved to life on the railroad and the engineering feats of this enormous undertaking. This is just one of those cool historical places to visit and surely worth the little extra drive to get to this historic area. After making lunch and brew some coffee for on the road, we are ready to hit it again and will be boondocking near Sublett, Idaho. Here we come, at half steam, Scouting Destinations.

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