Boondocking downtown South Bend, WA.

We are slowly working out way up Highway 101 and are looking for a place to have dinner, settle down for a few hours and get some sleep. In the town of South Bend we find a large lot that allows overnight parking, and very similar to the one in Dayton , Oregon where we stayed some time ago. The large gravel lot is located at the intersection of Willapa Ave and W First St, one block of Hwy 101 and across the street from City Hall and the Pioneer Grocery. Cell, data and WiFi were excellent with Verizon.

The next morning we decide to take a little walk around town before we hit the road again. We drank our coffee at the dock, and stood at the Robert E Bush memorial that is dedicated to U.S medical personnel in all armed conflicts. We could walk around tow for some more and back to the rig we head, as the road calls. So much so that we even forget to take a picture of the place we spent the night. Oh well; We’ll be back and on we go, Scouting Destinations.

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